Jordan: UN Women award microfinance projects in Al-Mafraq Governorate

Added on:  10-Sep-2014


On 10 September 2014, UN Women awarded twenty women living in the poverty pockets of the Governorate of Al Mafraq with certificates recognizing their work in successfully establishing microfinance businesses after receiving loans earlier this year from UN Women.

Participating women come from four poverty pockets - namely Al-Khaldeya, Qasabat Al-Mafraq, Al-Salheya and Deir Al-Kahaf- which are marked by a poverty rate that can reach 75%, especially among female-headed households. By starting small income generating projects, these women will have the chance to improve their life as well as the one of their families.

"I would like to congratulate all women from Al- Mafraq Governorate who have completed this project, your success stories will impact the lives of women all over the world", affirmed Mr. Giuseppe Belsito, UN Women Jordan Representative, during his opening remarks. "Progress in the empowerment for women rests on the alliance of men and women working together" he added.

On this occasion, and at the presence of Mafraq Deputy Governor for Development Dr.Mahmoud Al-Saied , recognition was also given to the Juvenile Welfare and Orphans Charity, Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Charity, Al-Khaldya Special Education Society, and the Military Retirees’ Cooperative - the four community-based organizations taking part in this project.

Mr. Belsito emphasized the importance of forging partnerships with local communities in the area of women’s economic empowerment, bringing gender expertise together in order to enhance women’s participation in the labor market in Jordan, where female unemployment stands at 22% - one of the highest worldwide.

This support is part of a more comprehensive programme funded by the European Commission which aims to support women’s economic livelihoods and women’s political empowerment in Jordan. 

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