Jordan: UN Women and Youth for Youth Association award youth from Local District Councils

Added on:  28-Feb-2015


On 28 February 2015, UN Women Jordan and Youth for Youth Association awarded more than 30 young women and men from local youth councils with certificates for having successfully completed a series of technical trainings on needs assessment, project identification and project design and who launched their own community initiatives at the municipal level.

During the award ceremony, youth from Jdeita (Irbid) and Dulail (Mafraq) presented their projects and success stories in various field, such as green economy and innovation technology. The youth council in Dulail had initiated a tree planting project, using the grey water from the local mosque. This initiative inspired the community to plant more trees and the youth council received recognition for their work from the Municipal Council.

This event falls under UN Women’s ongoing efforts to empower the youth to become drivers for chance in their local community by establishing local youth councils and is funded by the European Commission. The award ceremony also served as a platform to launch the second phase of the project, which will target youth in the Governorates of Karak and Madaba.

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