Tunisia: Tunisian Ambassadors for the CEDAW Convention

Added on:  13-Aug-2015

National Women Day

Tunis, 13 August 2015 On the occasion of the Tunisia National Women's Day, United Nations agencies operating in Tunisia represented in the UN Women, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), with support from national figures, organized an event and a press conference to communicate to Tunisians the values and objectives of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which was created in 1979.

The celebration of the Tunisian National Women's Day on August 13 of each year contributes to emphasize the importance of women's rights and effective role in the society. For this purpose, UN agencies held a press conference to introduce the Ambassadors of CEDAW.

It is noteworthy that many national figures have chosen to defend the principles of CEDAW and explain it to the public. This expresses the importance of this convention among international human rights treaties as it defends the non-derogable rights of women and the principles of equality between women and men.

The Tunisian state has ratified the CEDAW in 1985 keeping some reservations that have been filed in 2014. The Secretary-General of the United Nations has been informed with the filing in his capacity as Depositary of the Convention.

"The CEDAW is a valuable tool for women, to protect them and defend their rights as well as to reinforce democratic practices. It is also a tool in perfect harmony with the principles and rights promoted by the new Tunisian Constitution ratified in January 2014 and many of the Tunisian national laws." Said Mr. / Demeter Shalev, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Tunisia.

This initiative falls within the broad awareness campaign, promoting the principles of CEDAW, which was launched in 8 March 2013, which falls on International Women's Day. The campaign has included many other awareness activities. This initiative also forms part of the European Commission and UN Women joint regional programme for the Southern Mediterranean region “The Spring Forward for Women”, programme implemented with funding by the European Union.

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About Spring Forward for Women

The Regional Programme for the Economic and Political Empowerment of Women in the Southern Mediterranean Region (“Spring Forward for Women”) provides a mechanism to advance the economic and political empowerment of women in the Southern Mediterranean region. The programme (2012-2016) supports women across the region, focusing on priority countries undergoing unrest, transition and reform, to have greater influence in shaping the future of their countries while protecting their previous gains. It connects stakeholders to ensure that women in these countries receive capacity building, advocacy, information and partnerships that address the barriers that have impeded their access and engagement in economic and public lives. The programme is financed through the European Union and the UN Women.

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