Promoting evidence-based policy making

Added on:  02-Mar-2015

The MENA Evaluators Network held its fourth General Assembly in Cairo, Egypt from 23rd February to 25th February 2015. One of the central themes of the conference was bridging the gap between the community of evaluators (supply side) and policy makers (demand side), including Parliamentarians, women and men, to ensure equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations are demanded and used in policy making, and national evaluation policies are engendered. In this context, the 24th February featured a panel discussion entitled Bridging the gap between the evaluation community and policy makers to share ideas on how MENA countries can be mobilised to support evaluation practices in national programmes and public policies. With the support of the Spring Forward for Women programme, Ms. Hind Al-Fayez, MP Jordan and member of the steering committee of the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation, participated in the panel discussion alongside representatives from civil society, Arab development agencies, international development agencies, research organizations and academia. The Parliamentarian emphasised the need for policy makers to work with the evaluation community to ensure that policy is informed by evidence, that parliamentarians have a clear understanding of evaluation and its importance. She also stressed the need for ongoing collaboration and follow-up to push forward the integration and institutionalisation of gender responsive evaluation practices and policies at the national level. Ms. Al-Fayez established contact with the president of the Jordanian Evaluation Society, and had initial discussions on how to move the agenda forward in Jordan.
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