The League of Arab States - Women, Family and Childhood Department (LAS-WFCD), launched the Arab Network for Economic Empowerment of Women “Khadija” in collaboration with the European Union and UN Women Regional Office for Arab States within the framework of the joint programme between the European Union and UN Women, “Spring Forward for Women”, which aims to enhance women political participation and economic empowerment funded by the European Union.

#Khadija_Network League of Arab States hosts meeting for the Arab Network for Economic Empowerment on Women (Khadija) on Thursday, 13 October 2016

#Khadija_Network Khadija Network, LAS, EU, UN Women & Business Associations focus on the main findings of a business case on women’s economic participation

#Khadija_Network Investing in women’s economic empowerment leads to poverty eradication & inclusive economic growth, says Ambassador Inas Mekkawy, LAS

#Khadija_Network The economic empowerment of women accelerates the development of nations, says Mohammad Naciri, UN Women Regional Director for Arab States

#Khadija_Network Khadija network advocates for equal economic opportunities and outcomes for women in the Arab states region

#Khadija_Network Khadija network calls for safer work places for women, fair access to leadership positions, capacity building, and labour laws and regulations

#Khadija_Network Khadija network acts as a channel to exchange knowledge & advocate gender-responsive approaches in the regional economy

#Khadija_Network Khadija Network was launched at the League of Arab States, on 17 September 2015 to serve as a platform to support & promote women's economic empowerment

#Khadija_Network League of Arab States aims to secure higher incomes & better access to economic assets to Arab women, says Ambassador Inas Mekkawy

#Khadija_Network UN Women engages with civil societies, regional & international organizations to promote women’s economic rights, says Mohammad Naciri

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