Capacity building training programme on conflict resolution and mediation skills

Added on:  11-Mar-2015

Amman, Jordan, March 11, 2015: United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (UN Women) with support from the joint European Union (EU) and UN Women Spring Forward for Women Programme and the Swedish Institute Alexandria facilitated a capacity building training programme on Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills. The workshop targeted 25 Libyan women activists, from the different geographical areas,  and aimed at enhancing their capacities in negotiation and mediation skills utilizing interactive adult learning approaches, and examining international perspectives on conflict resolution and mediation by means of looking at cases from Rwanda, Liberia and Darfur. During this learning platform, participants were also exposed to strategic advocacy and lobbying techniques in order to support them in their ongoing work as peace agents. This event builds on the progress attained in the Libyan Political Dialogue through qualifying women to play a more active and influential role in bringing peace and stability to Libya.   

To provide a  hands on experience, the two lead women negotiators in the Libyan Political Dialogue Ms. Naimeh Jibril and Ms. Nehad Meitig were invited to the workshop to brief participants on achievements and agreements reached during the Libyan Political Dialogue brokered by UNSMIL in Shikrat, Morrocco 5/7 March 2015.

At the conclusion of this event participants came up with a statement affirming their demands for peace in support of the Libyan Political Dialogue and a unified Libya.

For further information, please contact:

Magda El-Senousi, Chief Women’s Empowerment Section, UNSMIL
e-mail: ,mobile: +216 50 776 469


Sally El-Mahdy, Policy Advisor Regional Office for Arab States (ROAS), UN Women
e-mail: ,mobile: +20 10 2663 0114


Randa Hafez, Senior Program Advisor, Swedish Institute Alexandria
email:, mobile: +20 12 8288 4907


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