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A workshop was held between women members of local councils, WATC, MoLG and central elections commission to provide the women with the platform to discuss the difficulties they faced going through the elections process and to suggest amendments to the elections procedures.  Under the Spring Forward for Women Programme, “A Step Forward”: a documentary film created by WATC, and which talks about the experiences of women running in the 2012 local council elections in the West Bank, was used in the opening of WATC’s workshop that took place in December 2014, which was attended by over 100 participants (mainly women) which included the Central Elections Commission, the MoLG, civil society organizations, donors, as well as women members of local councils. 

The workshop provided the stage for an open and candid discussion between the women members of local councils regarding the difficulties women encounter when nominating themselves for local council elections, and the CEC and the MoLG. In addition, a presentation on national laws and regulations on elections was presented by MoLG’s legal department and the CEC’s technical elections’ department. 

A discussion on increasing the quota of women participation in decision making positions to 30% also took place, and the recommendation of the workshop will be used to lobby for changing and amending the elections laws and rules and procedures. 

The film: “A step forward” discussed the two women-only lists that participated in the last local elections. The lists decided to go through the elections challenge in the village of Saffa and Hebron City to break the norms of the dominant male participation in the elections. The film documented the experience of the two lists and focused on the challenges that faced them before, during and after the elections process.