2nd Meeting Arab Network for Economic Empowerment on Women (Khadija)

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The League of Arab States - Women, Family and Childhood Department (LAS-WFCD), launched the Arab
Network for Economic Empowerment of Women “Khadija” in collaboration with the European Union and UN Women Regional Office for Arab States within the framework of the joint programme between the European Union and UN Women, “Spring Forward for Women”, which aims for enhancing to enhance women political participation and economic empowerment and is funded by the European Union.

Khadija Network aligns with the Cairo Declaration for Arab Women and the Strategic Plan for Arab Women Empowerment- Post 2015 that have been adopted by the League of Arab States MinisterialCouncil during its ordinary session (144) September 2015. It is also in line with the recommendations of the 35 th round of the Arab Women Committee to enhance Arab- European cooperation in the field of economic empowerment of women in the Arab region.

Khadija Network serves as a platform to support and promote women's economic empowerment. It advocates for safer work places for women, fair access to leadership positions, capacity building, and labour laws and regulations. It also acts as a channel to exchange knowledge and advocate gender-balanced approaches in the regional economy through engaging stakeholders from public, social and private sectors.

The League of Arab states - Women, Family, and Childhood Department in collaboration with the European Union and UN Women Regional Office for Arab States will organize a regional meeting on 16 May 2016 at the League of Arab States Headquarters in Cairo (Egypt) to determine a clear vision and mission for the network, as well as to identify upcoming actions to be undertaken during 2016.