Regional Workshop on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) in the Arab Region

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Gender-Responsive Budgeting is a transformative approach that aims to strengthen the effectiveness of public policy. The approach is based on gender analysis in order to reduce the gaps between men and women in access to human rights. Thus, the national resources will be reallocated, without being increased, in order to redirect funds to priority actions aiming at reducing gender gaps.

A first workshop was held in December 2013, which introduced the GRB concept to participants and give an overview on the different adaptations of the approach at the level of the participating countries. This workshop aims to capitalize on the achievements of the first workshop organized in Casablanca, to consolidate and deepen the participant’s knowledge and capacities through a focus on key GRB steps, mainly:

  • Gender-based public policies monitoring and evaluation, and gender-based statistics: Gender sensitive statistics are data that measure the gaps between men and women. They make visible the problem, results and impact. National strategies and policies are elaborated on the basis.
  • fiscal reforms and public finances management: in order to deepen the reflection on the anchorage points of the principles of equality in the process of public finance management
  • accountability mechanisms and the role of the Parliament: this topic will allow to discuss mechanisms needed to analyze the gap between expressed commitments by Governments and concrete achievements on the ground, provide a reliable way to measure government accountability