3rd Meeting Arab Network for Economic Empowerment on Women (Khadija)

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Khadija Network aligns with the Cairo Declaration for Arab Women and the Strategic Plan for Arab Women Empowerment- Post 2015 that have been adopted by the League of Arab States Ministerial Council during its ordinary session (144) September 2015. It is also in line with the recommendations of the 35 the round of the Arab Women Committee to enhance Arab- European cooperation in the field of economic empowerment of women in the Arab region.

The third meeting of Khadija took place in Gammarth, Tunisia on July 28, 2016 to decide on the big axes of the network: Strategy to achieve goals, structure, membership and funding sources.

UN Women having conducted a survey with some of the participants beforehand, have presented the results which has guided the discussion during the meeting and accelerated the definition of these axes.

It was agreed upon during the meeting, that the network would be under the auspices of the Arab League that will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the work plan with the support and coordination of UN Women that will assume the role of the secretariat of the network.

The main role of the network would be to provide a platform where different members and experts meet to disseminate knowledge based on objective factors in order to influence economic and social policies and raising the general consciousness on the economic empowerment of women.

The network would be open to different types of institutions and would provide honorary membership to public figures and those who influence public consciousness.

Finally, a work plan for the period until December 31 2106 was set out, aiming to sort out what needs to be done for the functioning of the network by the end of the year, such as the elaboration of the network’s organizational chart, the action plan for 2017 and so on.